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After extensive research and analysis, we believe a compelling case can be made for purchasing jewelry insurance at the point of sale rather than via the usual, cumbersome, time consuming, and ultimately risky method of adding a rider to your Homeowner policy.

By purchasing a jewelry-only insurance policy through Touchstone at the retail outlet, we give you an easy, no hassle way to obtain coverage at a reasonable price almost instantly--and an appraisal for your purchase that protects you in the event of loss because it contains a digital picture of the jewelry item- one of the keys to accurately and efficiently replacing the item.

A separate jewelry policy helps you avoid the very real risk of putting your valuable Homeowner's policy in jeopardy in terms of higher premiums, or even cancellation, in the event your jewelry is lost or stolen

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Participating Jewelers work with Touchstone to provide program insurance for their customers. If you have a user name and password you can click here and log in to the application page that allows you to purchase insurance. If you do not have a user name and password please contact your participating jeweler.