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Touchstone is offering a simple, affordable jewelry-only insurance policy, based on an appraisal provided by the jeweler at the point of sale. Touchstone believes that its program allows consumers to be protected before they leave the store.
Touchstone will market two types of policies. The first is GemSafe’s full jewelry replacement policies underwritten by AIG. A GemSafe policy through Touchstone provides protection from loss, theft, damage, mysterious disappearance and provides that the insured item is repaired or replaced with like kind and quality from the consumers preferred jeweler.
The second type of policy is a cash value policy offered through Chubb Insurance. The Chubb Corporation, incorporated in the USA, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Chubb is also ranked a AA company by Standard & Poor's and one of the largest global companies among Fortune 500. Year after year it receives among the highest ratings from A.M. Best, Moody's, and Standard & Poor's, the principal independent agencies that rate insurers' financial strength. Its claims philosophy and operating principles ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.
In facilitating the insurance purchase Touchstone utilizes a patent pending process and digital imaging appraisal technology which enables the jeweler and appraiser to provide an instant, accurate, digital appraisal of the purchased jewelry item. The appraisal can be provided in printed and electronic form to the consumer and distributed electronically to Touchstone to underwrite the insurance policy.

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