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Jewelry Only Insurance Policies.

Touchstone Insurance is an insurance agency that markets “jewelry only” insurance policies at the point of sale (or appraisal) of fine jewelry. We are underwritten by A.M. Best A rated companies. We offer several options to the customer which can be customized. The following are two examples of highly regarded A rated insurance policies we offer designed to provide a great service to your customer.

The GemSafe policy is a cost effective comprehensive all risk policy. In the event of loss, theft, or damage, the insured would be referred back to the retail store to have their jewelry article replaced (please contact us to learn more about how the insured and store are compensated when there is a loss). As an alternative we offer a Masterpiece policy through Chubb which would pay the insured a cash settlement up to 150% of the claim. We can offer additional insurance options for your customers specialized needs covering collections and collectables.

In order to participate in our Program we ask that you provide a simple update to the evaluation annually on or near renewal; for that update we pay a fee each year the policy remains in force. We send you an installation kit with everything you need to refer insurance to us. You receive brochures, applications, FAQ cards, and holders. You only need to recommend to your customers that protection is available. Your customers can be insured prior to leaving the store. The updating process is simple and easily accomplished. We can accept an annual update in many ways. We can provide appraisal software that maintains an appraisal database easily updated should you require it. As policies are renewed the revenue stream to your stores will continue to grow each year.

We provide several benefits in addition to the fees we pay annually for every renewal. As their agent, we recommend the insured stop back at your location to receive appraisal updates and jewelry checkups. We will work with your marketing people to assure the message we send to your customers is delivered annually. Any losses that the insured suffers will result in Touchstone Insurance sending the insured back to your company to replace the product*. Touchstones’ Program insurance is a service that helps your customer by putting the risk of loss on a stand alone jewelry insurance policy (thereby saving homeowners policies for claims related to owning a home). Our Program is cost effective; the policy stands alone, and coverage can be immediate. Our agency can provide a relevant connection with your customer for years to come.

In addition to the above mentioned features we are introducing a new insurance service that will insure every customer under a volume insurance program. We offer this program designed to cover all insurable jewelry that the retailer sells. The customer is insured automatically as they make purchases with an all risk policy that will protect their purchase and save money. Your customer receives a certificate that displays the value of the jewelry they purchased. Please contact us for a complete description of this program.

We are offering our program insurance all over the United States. Our goal is to provide a great service and value in order build a relationship between your business and your customer that lasts a lifetime. Please join the growing family of fine jewelers and appraisers bringing unique services and protection to the most valuable asset in your industry; your customer!


The Management Team
Touchstone Insurance

*GemSafe Policy